Our story began in early 2011

When we began baking macarons for the very first time. After many trips to Paris we discovered that you could not find macarons for sale anywhere in Aberdeen. This is when the real journey began to perfect these French delicacies. After around a year and a half of research we had our own unique recipe. We were so passionate about the product that we wanted other people to experience them. At this point we decided to open up a pop up shop, located within Project Slogan on Langstane Place. As this was a shared space we were only open for a few hours every Saturday. We became a lot busier quite quickly and were thrilled to have the opportunity to open a new pop up shop within Davids Florist on Thistle Street. This was a great location for us with lots of other independent shops around. After a year we decided it was the right time to open up a permanent shop at 39-43 Thistle Street.

We have had a busy few years and in 2020, 8 years on... we opened a Patisserie at 15 Chapel Street, Aberdeen. In December 2021 we then opened our 2nd branch at unit 2, Burn Lane, Inverurie. And now in 2023 we are delighted to have opened up a concession within Harvey Nichols, St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh. We very much look forward to welcoming you to one of our branches to enjoy the very best Macarons and Patisserie Scotland has to offer.

The history of The Macaron is an interesting one.

 It is said that they originated in Italy early in the 16th century. Catherine di Medici who married King Henry II of France brought them to France with her pastry chefs in 1533. They became popular in the 18th century when two Carmelite nuns seeking asylum in Nancy during the French Revolution, baked and sold them in order to provide and support themselves thus becoming known as ‘The Macaron Sisters’!